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Suits & Jackets
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Suits & Jackets
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Build a classic wardrobe

When building a wardrobe of formals, a gentleman starts with the basics - a navy blue self stripe suit. Follow this with the everfresh blue blazer (single or double-breasted) with grey or beige trousers combo and the classic dark pin-stripe. Round off the formals with a grey check suit. For summers, try the camel-colour suit. It is really cool!

Single breasted blue blazer with beige trousers.   Grey check suit.   Classic dark pin-stripe suit.
Navy blue self stripe suit.   Camel colour suit feels cool in summer.   The traditional double-breasted blazer best with grey trousers.
Classic black tuxedo worn with black trousers.   Unusual white tuxedo worn with white trousers.    
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