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Wedding Tips
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Finding the ideal life-mate is by no means an easy task. One has to consult astrologers, release matrimonial's and pester friends and family... And, if one is lucky, one arrives at a satisfactory choice.

Luckily, acquiring the perfect suit for the occasion is not as tedious, nor as mysterious, a process.

The man in the limelight, a.k.a. the groom, would look dashing in a classic blue three-button suit.

Male members of his family can express their solidarity - and good taste - by donning identical black Jodhpuris, or dark suits.

While close friends could be attired in elegant yet restrained grey or beige - one strives not to outdo the groom, after all.

Gentlemen with small bones, or thin bodies, can go in for a narrow cut, minimal padding, narrow lapels and close-fitting trouser-legs.

Those with broad shoulders should opt for longish jackets, thin shoulder pads, less bulky fabrics and the three-button, single-breast style. If you have a generous waist, do use striped patterns. No checks, heavy fabrics or double-breasts.

As for the fabric to be used at this most special of occasions, super-fine wool or its blends are the groom’s closest sartorial ally.

They breathe, so you stay cool and comfortable, despite the understandable tension. (In fact, your suit will feel as if it is naturally air-conditioned)

Wool-blends are elastic, so no matter how often you sit down and get up during the ceremony, your suit will hardly crease.

They are also static and dust resistant, so your suit takes less effort to maintain.

As far as flattering your personality goes, no fabric has their fall, feel and finish.

Accessories after the fact.
A necklace of pearls makes a statement of success, romance and sophistication.

Do invest in a good watch for the occasion, it is much more than just a time-keeper.

The right silk tie can add flair, and so prove to be an asset.

A new pair of shoes, or jootis, is de rigeur. As too is a turban, if you’re wearing a sherwani.

The icing on the cake
If the desire is to leave an unforgettable impression, you really have only one choice of suiting: Raymond.

Anything else cannot be called suitable for those who aim to be impeccably dressed - and live happily ever after.

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