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Staying in Style
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Perfect Engagement

The engagement is a big day for you, the groom. A significant step towards the big day. You and your fiancée-to-be are going to be the cynosure of all eyes. There won't be as many invitees present as on your wedding day. But want to give the occasion the importance it deserves. So plan your attire for the day and look your charming best.

You may want to speak to you fiancée-to-be and find out what she's going to wear so that you can co-ordinate your outfits. For instance, if she's wearing traditional attire, you might want to create the complete traditional look by doing the same. You could wear a western suit, too. But it won't look as interesting unless she's wearing a fusion dress or a gown.

In selecting your formal wear, keep in mind the formality of your wedding, the time of day, and the bride's gown.

Dressing Tips
  • For Indian outfits, Churidar kurtas, pathani suits with crushed stoles or even a Jodhpur with trousers. Silks or woven silks and woven brocades are the best bets.
  • Better still, if the groom wants to experiment, he can go in for a styled suit without a tie.
  • If you choose to wear a western suit, then polynosic or terry wool would be apt for you.
  • Use darker shades of olive green, air force blue, beige or off white. This works both for the Indian outfits or the western suits.
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