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Staying in Style
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  • The finishing touch to add the definitive punctuation to the total look, but it should never be the focal point.
  • Watches, rings, cuff links and collar pins should all be subtle.
  • Understand subtle design by studying some of the costliest watch lines like - Rolex, Cartier, Baumeet- Mercier, Ebel, Omega, Piaget, Raymond Weil, Patek Philippe.
  • After this kind of a market survey , you may want to go look for what this look is, in more affordable lines.
  • Avoid cheap looking bands, heavy sport watches, cartoon characters or novelty designs.
  • Wedding bands and conservative signet rings are appropriate, but limit to one per hand.
  • A suit says you're a professional, but cufflinks say you've got style. Yes, they serve a practical purpose that you could also accomplish with a button, but this is your chance for a little bling. Cufflinks to secure French shirt cuffs, should be small, conservative and subtle.
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