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Our formal shirts have earned the reputation of being at par with the world's best. This has been made possible through Celebrations Apparel Ltd, our new facility in Bangalore, which has a technical collaboration with Flex Japan, one of the largest dress shirt manufacturers in Japan.

The plant has the capacity to manufacture over 1.5 million shirts per year.

An eye for detail

We pay special attention to operations like armhole seam with single needle machines. We possess the capability of manufacturing complete shirts using single needle machines. Oil free sewing machines and a dust free environment ensure spotless whites and light colour shirts. Threads, interlinings, buttons and other embellishments are sourced from the best suppliers across the globe to offer our customers the highest quality products.

The layout of the manufacturing line has sufficient flexibility to adapt to smaller runs and style changes. This flexibility permits the manufacture of both fused and non-fised collars and cuffs as per our customer requirements

Behind each shirt

Specialized machinery imported from renowned manufacturers from USA, Germany and Japan comprise of automated spreading and cutting with an inbuilt system for matching checks and stripes. Pocket creasing and pocket attach operations aided by SRP sewing machines make our unit one of the best shirt making facilities in South Asia.

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