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KamaSutra Man Exciting Deo SprayAfter the launch of its highly successful KamaSutra condom brand in 1991, KamaSutra extends its presence in personal care categories for men.

KamaSutra Spark

Hot new flame. Burning passion. Sizzling chemistry. Hearts on fire. Pulses set alight. And a man who blazes a trail where women follow. Just some of the benefits of the spicy and sizzling fragrance of Spark!

KamaSutra Dare

Stolen kisses. Hazardous flings. Bold moves. Dangerous liaisons. Fatal attractions. And a man who sends pulses racing everywhere. Just some of the benefits when you Dare to be different with this warm and vibrant fragrance.

KamaSutra Urge

Furtive eye-contact. Longing glances. Seductive gestures. Non-stop flirting. And a man who is the object of every woman’s desire. Just some of the benefits of the warm and sensual fragrance of Urge!

KamaSutra Storm

Frenzied flirting. A burst of desire. Steamy romance. Stormy passion. And a man whose presence heralds frenzied excitement among women. Just some of the benefits when you create a Storm with this woody and masculine fragrance.

KamaSutra Rush

Discreet love-notes. Raised eyebrows. Heads turn. Admiring gazes. And a man who triggers a rush of longing in every woman he meets. Fan the flames of desire with the woody and masculine fragrance of Rush!

KamaSutra Woo

Eyes light up. Passions flare. Sparks fly. And a man who woos the hearts of women with every move he makes. Expect the unexpected with the naturally fresh and leathery fragrance of Woo!

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