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Raymond UCO Denim is a Joint Venture between Raymond Ltd, India's largest textile and apparel major and UCO NV of Belgium. We produce and market specialty ring colour and stretch denim.

With a combined capacity of 47 million and manufacturing facilities across 2 continents Europe and Asia, Raymond UCO will be in a best position to develop an optimal and flexible service to meet global requirements of large international brands.

Our Facilities

Raymond UCO Denim has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Giurgiu (Romania) and Yavatmal (India). All our facilities produce differentiated ringspun denim, specialty denim and other niche products for the global fashion market.

Raymond UCO Denim, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India

Capacity: 40 million meters

UCO Tesatura, Giurgiu, Romania

Capacity: 7 million meters

State-of-the-art Processes Used

To ensure the manufacture of products of international quality, this unit uses state-of-the-art equipment, systems and practices. These include:

  • Tensorapid equipment to measure Tensile and tear strengths.
  • Uster testing to control the evenness of all yarns.
  • Each & every bale of yarn is tested and passed through a double passage draw for effective quality blending.
  • Marzoli ring spinning frames and open-end spinning are equipped with auto doffing and auto bobbin transfer systems. Together with Caipo and Amsler devices, these systems produce creative denim yarns.
  • Indigo and sulphur dyeing is achieved through two-slasher dye ranges.
  • Suker Muller & Masters slasher dye ranges support Picanol & Vamatex high speed looms to produce 20 million meters per annum.
  • The Denim Fabrics & Apparels is finished on the Cibitex range with micro processing to stabilize shrinkage & skew. The stenter finish stabilizes shrinkage & width of stretch products.
  • Routine Testing and checking at every stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Shade standards and consistency are maintained via a system of wash blankets tested from every roll of Fabrics & Apparels.
  • The Raymond water treatment plant purifies and recycles all indigo effluent using reverse osmosisystem This enables the company to use all the water for land projects. The entire 105-acre site of the Denim facility in Yavatmal has been designated with a 'greenbelt' status
  • Creative denims are developed with specialist finishing, fancy yarn devices and other equipment necessary to achieve world-class products.
  • The onsite laundry facility enables experimentation with creative finishing to demonstrate the full potential of each individual denim Fabrics & Apparels.
Forward integration from fabric to jeans wear

Everblue Manufacturing UnitWe offer buyers of denim fabric, a state of the art jeanswear facility to convert fabric into high fashion garments at our jeans wear facility 'EverBlue Apparel Ltd' near Bangalore. The unit converts fabric to jeanswear supplying to customers the world over.

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